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Sadly these men and women are still POW/ MIA, but that does not mean we can not share their stories. If you are a friend or family member of a POW/MIA, we would love to hear from you and share a story about them.  Every month we would like to feature a new story about these brave men and women, please help us in doing so. You can tell us your story by Contacting us at

An Ode to America~ 

     Why are Americans so united? They would not resemble one another even if  you painted them all one color! They speak all the languages of the world and form an astonishing mixture of civilizations and religious beliefs. 

     Still, the American tragedy turned three hundred million people into a hand put on the heart. Nobody rushed to accuse the White House, the army, and the secret services that they are only a bunch of losers.  Nobody rushed to empty their bank accounts. Nobody rushed out onto the streets nearby to gape about. The Americans volunteered to donate blood and to give a helping hand. 

     After the first moments of panic, they raised their flag over the smoking ruins, putting on T-shirts, caps and ties in the colors of the national flag. They placed flags on buildings and cars as if in every place and on every car a government official or the president was passing. 

     On every occasion, they started singing their traditional song: "God Bless America!" I watched the live broadcast and rerun after rerun for hours listening to the story of the guy who went down one hundred floors with a woman in a wheelchair without knowing who she was, or of the Californian hockey player, who gave his life fighting with the terrorists and prevented the plane from hitting a target that could have killed other hundreds or thousands of people. 

     How on earth were they able to respond united as one human being? Imperceptibly, with every word and musical note, the memory of some turned into a modern myth of tragic heroes. And with every phone call, millions and millions of dollars were put in a collection aimed at rewarding not a man or a family, but a spirit, which no money can buy. 

     What on earth can unite the Americans in such a way? Their land? Their galloping history? Their economic Power? Money? I tried for hours to find an answer, humming songs and murmuring phrases with the risk of sounding commonplace. 

 I thought things over, but I reached only one conclusion...Only freedom can work such miracles

Pat Sexton.
Proud Wife of David Mason Sexton

David Mason Sexton:
David Mason Sexton - Born 11-18-49 in Mt. Sterling, KY.  His family moved him to Berlin Heights, OH when he was 9 wks. Old.
     David enlisted in the Army on November 11, 1969 and he was sent to Ft. Campbell KY, he was then sent to Oklahoma.  I fell in love with David by only looking at his graduation picture.  I had only dated two times before I met David and never went with anybody after that.  We were married April 18, 1970, during his leave.  I moved to Ft. Sill Oklahoma to be with David.  After his training there, he received his E5 Stripes. He moved us back to Ohio and then left for Washington State to be sent to Viet Nam on October 18, 1970.
David was assigned to B Btry 5th BN, 4 Artillery, 1 Bde, 5th Infantry Division.  He was a gun chief to a self propelled 155 Howitzer.  Where he had 5 men under him.  Many letters were received home about the problems they were having with the 'Blood-Sweat & Tears' guns name.  The repairs were ongoing events up to the time of his death.
David was in Quarantine Providence according to records.  When his group was called in for a fire mission (Lang Vei RVN).  According to a letter from his friends the gun wasn't working right.  David had told me this in an audiotape.  He wasn't allowed to hold her back from the mission.  Since she wasn't working right somebody had to be inside to fire her once she was ready, instead of firing by being outside.  David's friends said that he wouldn't ask any of his men to be the one to go inside so David went.  The gun exploded with him inside.  There were two large explosions because of the ammunition around her plus an intense fire.  It took some time because of the heat just to get near her to check for David's body.
David died on March 15th 1971at 7:15 p.m. At that time I was on the delivery table giving birth to his son David Michael Sexton, who was born at 7:35 p.m. I saw my beloved husband inside the howitzer and saw the explosion.  I yelled out "Oh My God, My David is dead!"  They thought it was because of the long delivery, but it wasn't.  I was told no remains were found.  Thirteen years later I found out otherwise. (That is another story)
David was my soul mate, my best friend, my life, and my husband.  We were so connected that his last thoughts connected us to the point of him leaving, at the same time I was gaining his son. The one I hurt for the most is our son who never got to see his father.  This is a void that will never be filled and a hurt that will never go away.  David will always be with me and watch over my son and I.  Nothing can stop the love he has for his family.  The love never stops.
I could go into more detail about David's life, school, college, and etc. but this is a short version to help you know my David.
The story you have just read was writen by Pat Sexton.  Thank you Pat Sexton for sharing your story with us!












Glenn pictured with his wife Evelyn of 50 yrs., was captured January 1st, in the Battle Of The Buldge War. He was rescued by the British April 16th. During his capture, he was confined to two of the worse P.O.W. camps of the era. Stalog 12A along with Stalog 11B. We met up with Glenn in Vermilion Ohio during the Mich. chapt 6 P.O.W. awareness walk, to Wash.D.C. During a brief interview Glenn stated he retired in 1999 as a Associate Professor Emertus for the Ohio State University. He now resides in Helena Ohio with his lovely bride. When asked would he do it again, he proudly waved the American flag, and said "In a heartbeat" God Bless You Glenn

These men and women have fought for everything we believe in and care for.  There is always a war to be fought for the rights of all humanity, to make things right for those that can not fight for themselves, and the names listed below are just a few of the men and women that placed their lives in the hands of fate to fight for what was right. There will never be anything we can do to repay them back for all they have sacrificed for all of us. I personally would like to thank the families of these brave individuals for providing this country with the kind of pride and respect it takes to dedicate ones life to the cause of humanity.
Please take a moment to read these names, and if you or someone you know, maybe a friend or a family member, please contact us, we would love to hear a little bit about them, and feature them on our website, so that others may see truly how brave they really were.
Also remember those we have lost and are still loosing in Iraq. Everyday we hear more names added to the list of lives lost there. We will add those names as soon as we can obtain them, but please in the mean time, keep their friends and families in your prays, just as you would if you were fighting next to them.
May God Bless the Sons, Daughters, Fathers, Mothers, and Dearest friends, Lost in every war.  None of them should ever be forgotten!!!

United States Army
Adkins, Charles Leroy               Barnesville
Aston, Jay Steven                     Rocky River
Batt, Michael Leroy                   Defiance
Bauman, Richard Lee               Columbus
Brassfield, Andrew Thomas     Sylvania
Carpenter, Howard B.              Youngstown
Compa, Joseph James Jr.        East Liverpool
Conger, John Edward Jr.         Lebanon
Dahill, Douglas Edward             Lima
Farlow, Craig Lee                      Cleveland
Gumbert, Gregory John            New Richmond
Hosken, John Charles                Chagrin Falls
Huston, Charles Gregory           Sidney
Lomax, Richard Eugene             Mansfield
Mangino, Thomas Angelo           Alliance
Mooney, Fred (NMN)                  Northup
Moore, Raymond Gregory         Cincinnati
Parks, Raymond Francis             Dennison
Payne, Norman                            Cleveland
Pearce, Dale Allen                        Mentor
Phillips, Robert Paul                     Sylvania
Pietrzak, Joseph Ray                   Roseville
Pridemore, Dallas Reese             East Liverpool
Scurlock, Lee D. Jr.                      Restful Lake
Sexton, David Mason                   Huron
Shaw, Gary Francis                      Toledo
Smith, David Roscoe                    Dayton
Smith, Roger Lee                         South Point
Stanley, Charles Irwin                 Cleveland
Stanton, Ronald                            Massillon
Turner, James Henry                   Columbus
Uhlimansiek, Ralph Edward         Cincinnati
Werdehoff, Michael Ray               Toledo
Wilson, Marion Earl                        Zanesville
Woods, David Walter                     Franklin

United States Air Force
Barden, Howard Leroy                     Cuyahoga Falls
Brazik, Richard                                   Bay Village
Brower, Ralph Wayne                       Stow
Chapman, Peter Hayden II              Centerburg
Conaway, Lawrence Yerges            Columbus
Condit, William Howard Jr.               Worthington
Conley, Eugene Ogden                      Akron
Cross, James Emory                          Warren
Drake, Carl Wilson                              Roseville
Dreher, Richard E.                             Orrville
Featherston, Fielding W III              Wickliffe
Galbraith, Russell Dale                      Tippecanoe
Glover, Calvin Charles                       Steubenville
Gorton, Thomas Fredrick                  Toledo
Klemm, Donald Martin                       Youngstown
Lamp, Albert Eugene                         Hebron
Lefever, Douglas Paul                       Arcanum
Locker, Richard Eugene                    Sidney
Matthes, Peter Richard                     Toledo
Morgan, Thomas Raymond              Akron
Peterson, Mark Allen                         Canton
Pietsch, Robert Edward                    Cleveland
Pirruccello, Joseph Samuel               WRT-PTRSN AFB
Polster, Harmon                                 Cleveland
Prater, Roy Dewitt                            Tiffin
Pyles, Harley Boyd                             Enon
Reed, James William                         Cambridge
Robbins, Richard Joseph                  Cleveland
Rosato, Joseph Frank                       Hudson
Seeley, Douglas Milton                      Marietta
Shingledecker, Armon D.                  Lima
Singleton, Daniel Everett                  Akron
Sittner, Ronald Nicholas                   South Euclid
Skinner, Owen George                     Lima
Trent, Alan Robert                            Wadsworth
Turose, Michael Stephen                  Parma
Van Buren, Gerald Gordon              Toledo
Vandegeer, Richard (NMI)             Columbus
Zook, David Hartzler Jr.                   West Liberty

United States Marine Corp.
Beck, Edward Eugene Jr.           North Canton
Bram, Richard Craig                   Cleves
Douglas, Thomas Evan               Northwestern Warren
Gage, Robert Hugh                     Columbus
Gopp,Thomas Allen                     New London
Harris, Gregory John                  Toledo
Harris, Paul Winiford                  Chillicothe
Helber, Lawrence Neal               Logan
Kerr, Ernest Claney Jr.               Akron
Luker, Russell Burt                      Lancaster
Mowrey, Glenn Williams             Chillicothe
Pastva, Michael James               Lakewood
Ritchey, Luther Edmond            Mansfield
Terwiliger, Virgil Byron              McClure
Turner, Frederick Ray               Columbus
Underwood, Thomas Wayne    Zanesville
Wheeler, Eugene Lacy               Ashville

United States Navy
Bowman, Michael Lee                   Warren
Buck, Arthur Charles                     Sandusky
Gollahon, Gene Raymond             Cincinnati
Harris, Reuben Beaumont            Columbus
Hume, Kenneth Edward                Cincinnati
Judd, Michael Barry                       Cleveland
Kenney, Harry John                       Cincincati
Lee, Albert Eugene                         Gallipolis
Manning, Ronald James                Toronto
Nystrom, Bruce August                 Marion
Orell, Quinlan Robert                     Barnsville
Peace, John Darlington III           Hudson
Prudhomme, Jonh Douglas          Tipp City
Schoeppner, Leonard John          Canton
Stephenson, Richard Charles       Hamilton
Taylor, Edmund Battelle Jr.          Lima
Vogt, Leonard Frederick Jr.         Cincinnati
Zavocky, James John                    Parma

United States Coast Guard
Rittichier, Jack Columbus                 Barberton