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Rolling Thunder® Inc., Amherst Ohio, Chapter 6
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Our Chapter President
Gary Wilder

At a special meeting held by the membership of Rolling Thunder®  inc.Ohio chapter 6.It was voted unanimously to make Mr. Gary Wilder(pictured at far right) our chapters OUTSTANDING MEMBER FOR THE YEAR 2002.Although Gary holds a full time job for N.A.S.A.,has a family to take care of,He can never bring himself to say no.Weather it be tracking thru the woods in Lorain co. to help a homeless veteran,or playing santa claus and bringing a smile to a disabled veteran he is always there.Gary has been president of Rolling Thunder®  inc. Ohio Chapter 6 since day one.He has always kept the membership focussed on our mission,never asking anything of the membership,that he would'nt do himself.We would like to thank Gary's family,for giving up so much of your quality time to share him with our POW/MIA and disabled veterans.And Gary i've been instructed by the membership to tell you,"where ever you lead,we will follow."GOD BLESS YOU
Congatulations Gary for being Rolling Thunder®  inc.Ohio Chapter 6 Outstanding Member for the year of 2002


Rich Corbin has been chosen as our December member of the month, and here is why.
     As the Vice President of Rolling Thunder® Inc, Ohio Chapter 6, Rich Corbin has contributed countless hours to our organization.  He personally has done an incredible job helping with the homeless veterans.  Rich has also been heavily involved with the making of the Vietnam Memorial in Lorain County, and helping it become a reality.
      If anyone wants proof that there is a Santa, tell them to venture into the back woods of Lorain. Quite a few homeless Veterans cohabbitate there and ponder " who was that man with the white beard bringing us food, coats, gloves, and hats?" People will look at you and say " That's just Rich!"  GOD BLESS YOU RICH!
Congratulations for being Rolling Thunder® Inc Ohio Chapter 6 outstanding member for the month of December 2002!!


"DISCO"DANNY THOMPSON Has been chosen as ROLLING THUNDER ® INC. OHIO CHAPTER 6 Member for the month of January 2003 and here is why.
"DISCO" being a board member,and missing a meeting,was nonimated to help create this website on a scheduled time. Altho he only types with one finger, we must admit he did meet the deadline. The membership still does not understand how, as we all know how he types. When asked, he attributes the success to his good friend SAMATHA who he states was the mastermind. Thank you SAM. "DISCO" is also our photographer for all our events, and makes sure they are published for all to view. We would also like to mention, that "DISCO" portrays a POW/MIA at all our events, so we can educate the public on the lifestyles, habitafth, and punishment our POW's were made to endure. GOD BLESS YOU "DISCO" DANNY THOMPSON and congradulations for being ROLLING THUNDER ®  INC. OHIO CHAPTER 6 outstanding member for the month of January 2003


JANE "J.J." JANKOWSKI has been chosen as ROLLING THUNDER ® INC. OHIO CHAPTER 6 member for the month of Febuary 2003 and here is why.
J.J. being a board member, goes above and beyond the expatations of the many functions we place upon her. Altho space here does not permit me to focus on all the responsibilities she chairs, I would like to highlight a few. J.J. is our entertainer of the decade. At 80% of our functions, she will bring her equipment and either m.c the event, or with her lovely voice sing and entertain the people there. She has sung at our dedication's, flag raising's, homeless shelter parties, ohio veterans home parties, just to name a few. The happiest I've seen her tho was at the PATTY LAURLHAM FOUNDATION XMAS PARTY. This place houses the most severly disabled children in ohio. If you look closely at the picture above,you will see tears coming from J.J.'s eyes. However if you will go to our pictures page and click on the PATTY'S link, you will see a smie on each and everyone of the childrens faces. GOD BLESS YOU JANE "J.J." JANKOWSKI, and congradulations for being ROLLING THUNDER ® INC. OHIO CHAPTER 6 outstanding member for the month of Febuary 2003.


Jeannie Black has been chosen as ROLLING THUNDER ® INC. OHIO CHAPTER 6 Member for the month of March 2003 and here is why
Jeannie is our treasurer of ROLLING THUNDER ® INC. OHIO CHAPTER 6 and in doing so spends countless hours keeping the books in perfect order.When most treasurers break into a cold sweat when someone asks to audit the books,not our jeannie,she'll look you straight in the eyes and say "lets go!"One of my favorite stories to tell about Jeannie, happened at the Ohio Veterans home, when a old timer vet in a wheelchair tried to talk Jeannie into sitting on his lap and going for the ride of her life. She didn't think anyone heard, but Jeannie we all did. I'll also never forget on veterans day when she stood in front of the students of amhurst high school and gave her talk about viet nam. she had the kids mezmorized and when she was done, they all came to her, shook her hand and said thank you we now understand. God Bless You Jeannie and congradulations on being chosen as ROLLING THUNDER ® INC. OHIO CHAPTER 6 Member for the month of March 2003


JERRY "PREACHER" WRIGHT Has been chosen as ROLLING THUNDER ® INC. OHIO CHAPTER 6 Member for the month of April 2003 and here is why:
Jerry Wright, (pictured center) is the chaplain of our chapter. I guess I should begin by telling you what I like about the preacher, "not a damn thing," but since the membership voted him as member of the month for April, here goes. If you ever went to bed at night, and prayed to your higher power for a brother, when you awoke in the morning, you would find Jerry. Never in my life, have I ever met a man with so much compassion. He has the ability to listen, not only with his ears, but with his heart. We have seen him at many of our functions, after talking with kids and adults, about our mission statement, and explaining it in detail, walking away. Always with a smile, and usually with tears comming from his eyes. The membership could not of picked a better man Jerry, and for this I will always be proud to call you my brother. God bless you  "preacher", and congradulations on being chosen ROLLING THUNDER® INC OHIO CHAPTER 6 outstanding member for the month of April.


Mary Wilder Has been chosen as ROLLING THUNDER ® INC. OHIO CHAPTER 6 Member for the month of May 2003 and here is why:

Mary is our chapters Quartermaster, she can be seen at all our funtions sitting behind her table taking donations for our store containing patches, t-shirts, hats, bracelets, and different military memoribilia. She has complete control over the store and re-ordering making sure the stock does not get low. This is our main source of fund raising. Without her we could not support our many functions. As you can see in the picture, she is also our Mrs. Claus at our xmas programs. Pictured here she is at the homeless shelter we visited this year. She also visits the Ohio Veterans Home every xmas and brings smiles to every vet who stays there. For this and many other things she does for our chapter, the membership of chapt 6 has voted Mary Wilder as ROLLING THUNDER ® INC. OHIO CHAPTER 6 Outstanding Member for the month of May 2003 God bless you Mary and congradulations.


Pat "Sleeper" Dunn Has been chosen as ROLLING THUNDER ® INC. OHIO CHAPTER 6 Member for the month of June 2003 and here is why:
Pat Dunn being a board member of rtoh6 is called "sleeper" because he is probably the most quiet and down to earth member of the bunch. He never comes to a meeting to bragg, however he is there to lend a helping hand whenever, and wherever it is needed.He was voted road captain to lead our group to Wash. D.C. and did a valiant job. The only complaint I heard was when they pulled into West Va. for fuel, and Pat said to Bill Overton "wer'e lost" Not by much tho, they put there minds together, was back on the road and in Wash for all the festivities.When volunteers are needed, Pat is always first in line, and for this we say God Bless you Pat, and congradulations for being our member for the month of June.


Pat "I'M WATCHING YOU" WRIGHT Has been chosen as ROLLING THUNDER ® INC. OHIO CHAPTER 6 Member for the month of July 2003 and here is why:
Pat Wright {pictured lounging} is a member of RTOH6 and it's time for me to say something nice about her. However words fail me. I don't like her, I love her, do you have a mom, sis, aunt, who can walk into a room of a thousand angry people and bring peace. Thats our Pat. She has more love packed into her little body than a whole fleet of battleships can carry. A memorable ocassion was during the Michigan Cage Walk when Pat said, "I have to do my part and pull that cage."We all said no, but she insisted.When we reached the America Legion and they graciously fed us, Pat cleaned all of our tables as tired as she was, she did not want to wear our welcome out.Not only does she give so much to our org. she is also heavely involved with the MOOSEHEART CHILDREN. God bless you Pat and congradulations on being RTOH6 member for the month of July P.S.
On a small note Pat I still don't like you,
Snoopy is love


Jean Stiles has been chosen as ROLLING THUNDER ® INC. OHIO CHAPTER 6 Member for the month of September 2003 and here is why:
Jean is the heart of our organization she holds the office of secratary of RTOH6 and i'm sure you all know, this takes countless ,mostly unthankful, hours of her time which she freely donates her time. Believe me Jeannie we do thank you you are a godsend. At all are functions we try to recruit new members to help our vets, however this wasn't the case in Jeans part. She sought us out, and simply said I want to help, where do I sign up.In the pic above you can see the smile on her face. This was taken at one of our christmas funtions at a homeless shelter in lorain co. As you can see if you go to our pic page, on this site, it became very contageous. Jean is also the bartender at the American Legion post in maple hts. were she helps vets on a continuous basis, if you get the chance, stop by and say hi you'll be greated with a smile. For this and many reasons I don't have space for, we say God bless you Jeannie and congadulations for being  ROLLING THUNDER ® INC. OHIO CHAPTER 6 Member for the month of September 2003.